• BLAST Command-line Reference Command-line reference for the NCBI BLAST suite, reorganised because the tools lack individual man pages and information is spread all over.
  • blast-galley Blast-galley is a personal collection of scripts for doing things with BLAST.
  • Jekyll Notes Scratch page with Jekyll and (GitHub flavoured) Markdown samples and links.
  • kcst - K-mer counting sequence typer Sub-second species prediction and MLST typing for bacterial genome assemblies
  • Nano Cookbook - course materials Notebook with instructions for May 2023 workshop 'Strengthening Microbial Risk Assessment for Food Safety and Antimicrobial Resistance Using Portable DNA Sequencing Technology
  • NCBI Notes Miscellaneous links and notes kept on the NCBI databases and tools.
  • unfasta - FASTA without the pesky line breaks Unfasta is a suite of command-line utilities for working with FASTA files in the common pipes and filters style of Unix and GNU.